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With our AI integration capability, you now have the ability to choose from an entire gamut of AI tools to deliver quick results.

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AI tools to choose with expert guidance from Random Walk. We collaborate with various AI tool providers in the market.

Random Walk

We provide AI integration, Our Engineers are experts at fast tracking integration between any software and AI tools.

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From business functions like marketing, HR and finance to different industries like retail and pharma, find the right AI tool.

My Integrations Tool AI writer Marketing Retail Business Industry Tool Human resource Resume screening Retail Business Industry Tool Merchandising Product recomendation Retail Business Industry Create Integration Request AI Integration World Class Support Easy License One of our customers have an CRM which needs AI functionality! We thought your AI tool might be a good fit here. Random Walk Online Great to hear that. Let us discuss how to achieve this AI Integration.
Composition of AI Tools Provider, Random Walk, and Client Software Interaction. Left Side: AI Tools Provider chatting with Random Walk through a chatbox. Middle: Random Walk bridging AI tools and client software. Right Side: Client Software benefiting from AI tools integration.
If you are an AI tools provider,

Make it easy to chose your tools

Work with Random Walk to create an integration for your product and while our customers are building software with us, we can recommend your solution.

If you are a client looking for AI capabilities,

Begin your AI Journey now

Let us work with you to integrate niche AI tools into your day to day business function like HR, marketing and Finance. We also cater various industry specific AI tools to aid operations.


AI Integration
With a wealth of diverse experience, we have mastered the art of handling various AI tools and software, seamlessly integrating AI into different systems with expertise and precisions. Count on us for flawless AI integration that delivers tangible results.
AI Managed Services
Benefit from our experienced AI professionals, flexible on-demand resources, minimal upfront investment along with rapid development and integration capabilities.
Learn Corporate AI Fundamentals
Random Walk’s AI learning aims to demystify the black box that AI is. We provide enriched learning experiences with industry-oriented sessions, and a seamless blend of learning models to maximize the skills of your employees.

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Seamless Integration

Eliminate the complexity and technical challenges associated with integration and focus more your tools functionalities.

Expanded Market Reach

We actively promote and market your tools through our channels including targeted marketing campaigns, events and industry partnerships.

Business Development Support

Discover a collaborative environment where complementary tools and technologies can be integrated.

Synergistic Collaboration

Eliminate the complexity and technical challenges associated with integration and focus more your tools functionalities.

Increased Brand Exposure

Random Walk’s platform allows tools to gain exposure to a wider audience, increasing brand recognition.

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