Demystifying AI into real world solutions.

Understand how AI solutions can be implemented in your organization for immediate results.

Why AI Upskilling?

AI usage will be universal among all employees, regardless of their role or industry, in the future.

Make use of our structured AI training modules to demystify AI from the black box that it is now to a technology which is more accessible and implementable.

Random Walk’s AI training allows stakeholders in your organization to learn the many ways in which AI could possibly be applied to their particular niche.


Roll up your sleeves and dive into immersive hands-on training that empowers you to learn by doing. We provide exercise files which you could open in the AI tool as you follow along the course. Stepping into the role of the practitioner allows you to bridge the gap between theory and application for tangible results.

Curated content

Accelerate your learning with curated content, featuring the most effective and impactful resources for quick knowledge acquisition. We understand niche business functions and how AI solves your particular business problems.

Taught by industry experts

Benefit from the expertise of thought leaders in your field through our content. We believe that veterans in each industry are well placed to have practical and actionable insights when it comes to integrating AI into day to day operations.

Periodic assessment

Build confidence in your abilities by demonstrating your mastery of concepts through periodic assessments, experiential activities and interactive quizzes. Our gamified platform provides immediate feedback to reinforce key concepts.

How it works

How it works

Our Featured Courses

By understanding the capabilities of your current workforce, you can strategically focus on developing key AI skills to meet future demands and maintain a competitive edge.

With Random Walk’s comprehensive range of AI-based corporate training programs, we cater to the diverse upskilling requirements of organizations in different industries and specializations.

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Sales & Marketing

AI empowers sales teams through lead scoring, accurate sales forecasting, customer insights, sales process optimization, virtual sales assistants, and chatbots.​

Human Resource

HR teams harness the power of AI for applicant screening, predictive analytics, employee engagement analysis and workforce planning.

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Finance departments leverage AI for tasks such as financial analysis, risk management, fraud detection, predictive modeling and automated reporting.

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Procurement departments leverage AI for supplier analysis, demand forecasting, contract management, procurement analytics, and automated purchasing processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate AI training refers to specialized programs designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees in utilizing artificial intelligence technologies and applications within a business setting.

Upskilling employees on AI is crucial to leverage the transformative potential of artificial intelligence in various business areas. It equips employees with the knowledge and skills needed to adapt to the changing technological landscape, make informed decisions, and drive innovation. By upskilling employees on AI, organizations can stay competitive, improve operational efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

The AI training program is accessible to employees from diverse business verticals and industries, and does not require any coding skills, making it suitable for all.

The training sessions are designed to be concise and time-efficient, typically lasting for one afternoon. While some courses may extend to one or two days, the focus is on providing a quick yet comprehensive learning experience to busy employees, enabling them to quickly and easily enhance their work with AI.

The AI training session primarily focuses on the seamless integration of AI into various functions within a typical organization, such as HR, marketing, finance, procurement, and sales. Additionally, it highlights industry-specific AI tools, showcasing their applications in specialized fields, such as using AI in pharmaceutical research to predict the 3D structure of proteins.

Yes, Random Walk offers flexible and multiple training delivery modes to ensure uninterrupted training to your employees from anywhere at any time of their convenience.

While we do offer a certificate upon completion of our corporate training program, the true value lies in the tangible day-to-day improvements that participants can implement in their workflow immediately after the training. These changes enable employees to enhance their work efficiency and productivity right away.

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